BAR BOCCE is the perfect place for groups of all sizes!    We do not take reservations for any party size, but below are a few accommodation options for larger groups when you arrive.

Full or Partial Buy Out inquiries (up to 100ppl), please email us ahead of time at

Our Actual table is a bit smaller...

Our Actual table is a bit smaller...

Big Table (6-20)

We have one table that can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably.  Availability for this table depends on the time you arrive (in all cases, the earlier the better).  Please note; we only seat complete parties so it's best to have everyone arrive together and on time.  

(This space CAN be booked ahead of time with a Food & Beverage Minimum.  Please inquire to

The Fire Pit (15-20)

The Fire Pit is a communal "first-come-first-serve" full service seating area for up to 20 people.  This area is especially nice for groups that prefer a dedicated space but also the ability to get up and socialize.  Just remember, we cannot "hold" space for guests that have not yet arrived.  

(This space is NOT available for booking ahead of time)

The Seawall (20+)

Everyone in your party can head directly to the bar to order your food and drinks from the bartender.  You can then take your drinks to the seawall and we will deliver your food to you there.  We do not offer full service  beyond the wall, but there is a beach out front that you are welcome to explore.  The beach is a really fun way to hang out and enjoy the setting.  Large groups love this option as they have room to stretch out and can pay as they go with the bartender.

(This space is NOT available for booking ahead of time)

Again, only the Big Table can be booked, but notifying us ahead of time ( can help us prepare to accommodate your group.  So, give us a heads up, or not...either way, we'll make sure you have a great time here at...

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